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“A Look at Collingwood

As I mentioned previously, Collingwood was smashed around the stoppages last week, and has been generally inconsistent in this area all year. Tackling pressure was also down, with the Cats out-tackling the Pies 82-60. Generally, this is one area Collingwood always wins, so I think the focus this week will be on winning the contested ball and lifting the tackling intensity. The ruck is a concern without Darren Jolly. Ottens beat Wood last week and gave his midfielders an arm-chair ride. Total hitouts were 44 to 24.”

All that and we still almost won

Cats kicking helped tho

 Wood wasn't competing that well in ruck and Ottens won too many clear hitouts. Tackling has been inconsistent this year tho one has to put some of it down to sub rule we shouldn't have dropped off that much.

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Paul, the way I reviewed the game after watching the replay a couple of times goes like this.  A great strength of ours is our run out of defence. With Maxwell and Johnson missing and Toovey going down during the game, the onus went onto Harry & Heath. With Ottens winning the taps resulting in the cats winning the clearances and putting our defence under constant pressure, both Harry and Heath had to be more accountable thus restricting run out of defence. Time and time again we cleared in panic out of defence resulting in turnovers. On the other hand, with Lonnagan and Taylor doing good jobs on Travis & Dawes, it freed up Scarlett who created great run out of defence for the cats. In essence, they were doing to us what we normally do to others. Another point was I felt that the decision not to play Beams backfired on us. In the middle, Ball & Didak are not exactly in great form and Beams could have been an ideal foil. We were forced to play Daisy in the middle and he responded with an excellent effort but at the expense of his 'carry' into the forward line. Well, these are areas we will address I presume and its good that these drawbacks are exposed at this stage leaving us room for improvement. And, as you you said, we only lost by 3 point and could have pulled off an unlikely win. From here, the only way is up.

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